Mom or the movies?

This is my first blog here, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Each post will describe something new I’ve tried recently–an activity, behavior, food, music, anything that will enrich or entertain me (hopefully, you too). I promise it will be fun, interesting and, most importantly, short (300 words or less).  Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

The new thing: I didn’t follow the rules.

Here’s how it happened: I had to make a choice–go to the movies with my husband and son or visit my mother in her assisted-living home, as I’d promised her.

If I was an unselfish person or starring in a Lifetime movie, I wouldn’t have had the following thoughts:

• I had a busy week and deserve to go to the movies

• I just visited Mom two days ago

• It’s unfair that my husband and son get to have fun without me

• I really want to eat popcorn.

I thought it over for a while. But instead of doing what my 12 years of Catholic schooling were telling me to do, I chose the movies. I called my mother. I said, “I can’t visit you today after all. But I’ll come over on Monday and we’ll go have coffee together.” I held my breath, waiting to hear the disappointment in her voice. But instead, Mom sounded chipper. “That’s okay, Nan. Monday’s good. I wanted to go play bingo this afternoon anyway.”

The popcorn was fabulous.

5 thoughts on “Mom or the movies?

  1. Love this! Love everything you write! And am so glad that your Mom preferred Bingo to a date with you. Let me know if you want to do any “something new” activity together!

  2. See apples and trees…she loves you you love her but you both have your lives, very sweet. What did you see?

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