Party Like You’re an Intern!

The new thing: I went to my first networking party.

Here’s what happened: To gather intelligence on which editors were leaving which magazines before the jobs were posted anywhere, I crashed an after-work party for young editors and interns. Believe it or not, it was my first networking party ever. I was psyched!

The gabfest was held in the tiny party room of a New York bar. The first important piece of information I uncovered was this: When 50 women with still-developing voices gather in a space with as much room as a Smart Car, the sound will bounce from wall to wall and eventually land on my head. Or at least that’s how it will feel.

That’s me with a tableful of Glamour magazine interns

I chatted the girls up, asking lots of questions about their workplace and offering career advice. If they were giving me insider info, I’ll never know because I couldn’t really hear them. Once, an intern pointed to her friend and said, “She’s from Haiti.” What I heard was, “She’s in the navy.”

I moved to what I hoped was a quieter part of the room and interrupted a conversation between two young misses. We exchanged “where do you work?” banter. One pointed to the other and said, “She’s got a book coming out next summer.” That, I could hear perfectly. Go figure.

Disgusted at this youngster’s success, I headed to the bar for a drink. On my way, I encountered the Haiti/Navy interns swigging pretty pink cocktails. “Ooh, that looks good. What is it?” I asked. “Shirley Temples,” they said in unison.  I laughed. “No, really, what is it?” Same answer. Then the light bulb over my head stopped flickering and I understood: They weren’t old enough to drink booze.

Clearly, I was in the wrong place.

I went home, opened up the usual job listing web sites, and settled down with a Scotch.

12 thoughts on “Party Like You’re an Intern!

  1. LOL, oh Nancy how I do love your blog posts! Hey, I hear Shirley Temple is the new Cosmo and Roy Rogers is the new Jack & Ginger–teehee 🙂

  2. LOLLOL! Too funny! Chapter 2, “Experienced Freelancers”. That’s where you will find the “not-on-my-first-rodeo-with-being-in-this-industry” types!

  3. They’ll never forget the night a real publishing industry veteran showed up at their party. They want to be you. (They have plenty of time to learn the life changing attributes of brown liquids. Plenty of time.)

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