I am a writer and editor who’s been fortunate enough to work for several big-name companies—Conde Nast, Hearst, ABC—for most of my career. In college, I thought I’d pursue a job as a reporter for the New York Times after graduation, but in my senior year I took a course on magazines and became hooked on that medium. I abandoned my reporter dreams and found a job at a travel trade magazine. (Ironically, I found the job through a listing in the Times!)

Besides my family, my pride and joy is the summer vegetable garden that I plant in my backyard. Though I live in the suburbs now, I grew up in Brooklyn, where vegetables grow in supermarkets. I’m still shocked and delighted when I see a bright red tomato or ginormous zucchini peeking out between the leaves and trellises in the garden. That seed/soil/water thing really works!

One of the quirkier things I love (the normal activities are cooking, travel, and taking long walks) is cleaning out closets—mine, yours, anybody’s really. I recently was cleaning out my aunt’s so-called medicine closet and, amid the expired bottles of aspirin and boxes of Band-aids, I found a Scrabble set from 1954. I’m obsessed with online Scrabble, so this was quite a find.

With my blog, I hope to discover even more things, about the world and myself.

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  1. Nancy! I would love to catch up with you. Tried via LinkedIn to no avail. It was nice to see your beautiful face pop up as “People You May Know.” Love your blog, by the way!

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