Mom or the movies?

This is my first blog here, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Each post will describe something new I’ve tried recently–an activity, behavior, food, music, anything that will enrich or entertain me (hopefully, you too). I promise it will be fun, interesting and, most importantly, short (300 words or less).  Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

The new thing: I didn’t follow the rules.

Here’s how it happened: I had to make a choice–go to the movies with my husband and son or visit my mother in her assisted-living home, as I’d promised her.

If I was an unselfish person or starring in a Lifetime movie, I wouldn’t have had the following thoughts:

• I had a busy week and deserve to go to the movies

• I just visited Mom two days ago

• It’s unfair that my husband and son get to have fun without me

• I really want to eat popcorn.

I thought it over for a while. But instead of doing what my 12 years of Catholic schooling were telling me to do, I chose the movies. I called my mother. I said, “I can’t visit you today after all. But I’ll come over on Monday and we’ll go have coffee together.” I held my breath, waiting to hear the disappointment in her voice. But instead, Mom sounded chipper. “That’s okay, Nan. Monday’s good. I wanted to go play bingo this afternoon anyway.”

The popcorn was fabulous.