The Top 10 Things That Annoy Me

The new thing: I am ranting online instead of just in my head about what annoys me.

Here’s how it happened: At the gym this morning, a woman got on a treadmill, planted her towel on it, and walked away. She didn’t come back for 15 minutes! So rude, since that was the last free treadmill. I decided I needed the world (or the seven people reading my blog) to know about it, plus a couple of other things that grate on my nerves.

  1. People who “reserve” gym equipment.
  2. That three-second delay before a telemarketer starts speaking.
  3. When I read a trashy story online like “Celebrities With Cellulite!” and it shows up on my Facebook timeline.
  4. Those twisted wires that hold new toys in place inside the packaging, plus the heavy-duty plastic that you need a machete to cut through.
  5. The follow-the-crowd mentality at Penn Station. If the right side of a door is open, 100 people will all try squeezing through it; no one attempts to open the left side as well. Somebody (okay, me) eventually yells from the back of the crowd, “Open the other side!” That always prompts the people around me to talk trash about the knuckleheads in front. Satisfying!
  6. Pouring full glasses of juice for my son’s friends when they were young and everyone taking just two sips. (I’ve been holding this one in for 10 years.)
  7. When I clam up in a room full of loud, chatty people. I shouldn’t be so quiet—I’m from Brooklyn!
  8. America’s obsession with Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris—it’s krazy!
  9. Bars that pour skimpy glasses of wine then charge $12.
  10. Sneezes. They’re painful, messy and, like potato chips, you can never have just one.Now tell me what annoys you!